Positions for the 2024 season are FULL.

Parents or individuals interested in volunteer coaching positions, please email us with your experience and availability.

Must have a valid 2024 USAW Coach/Leader card, to coach at practices or at tournaments.

All Mat Shark Coaches have passed a background check and completed the Safe/coaching certification with USA Wrestling. 



Does my child need a mouthguard? ONLY required if they have braces

Can I stay and watch my child practice? Yes. BUT, you must stay OFF the mats and stay quiet. Any younger siblings that stay to watch must stay off the mat and not be a distraction.

Does my child have to compete?
It is HIGHLY recommended! Why? Facing that fear is part of building the mental toughness this sport requires. Beginners are paired with beginners so there is nothing to fear. You learn best by competing and testing your mat knowledge. Baseball, swim team, basketball, football....register for any of these sports and your child will be competing! NO FEAR!

Does my child need headgear?
It is not required for practice but recommended when we go "live" at the end of practice. We do require our wrestlers to wear headgear when they compete. If you want to know why, google "cauliflower ear". You can purchase headgear on Amazon.

Where can I buy wrestling shoes?
Amazon or Dicks seems to be the best options. If you are ordering online, size up ONE size, most wrestling shoes run small. Our club accepts used shoes to sell to new wrestlers for $10 each, so if you are new and looking for a pair, email us your size and we will let you know if we have any available.

Does my wrestler need to shower after each practice?
YES! YES! YES!! All clothes go directly into the laundry. Hot soapy antibacterial soap- SCRUB! Parents- please STRESS the SCRUB ALL OVER INSTRUCTIONS!

What if my wrestler gets RINGWORM?
Don't panic. Unfortunately, ringworm is very common with this sport. We clean our mats before EVERY practice. Should your athlete have ringworm there are over the counter creams  (LOTRIMIN) available at Walmart, CVS and Walgreens. Follow instructions, and keep it covered during the day so it does not spread. You CAN practice if it can stay covered, if it is on an area like your knee or shoulder and you can cover it with clothing you are fine. If it is on your face or an area you cannot keep covered you can't practice until it is clear. This is why showering after practice is SO important- and not reusing practice clothes unless they are washed.

Wrestling shoe hygiene:
Your wrestling shoes should only be worn ON THE MAT. DO NOT WALK INTO PRACTICE WITH YOUR WRESTLING SHOES ON! If you need to use the restroom during practice, you will need to change back into your street shoes.